The Gift

Short Film

The Gift is a story about friendship and the misunderstandings surrounding the stereotyping and lack of understanding different culture. Born in a little village in Malaysia, Alya (Nur Alya Maisarah), a Malay girl loves spending time with her bestest best friend, Nadia (Tan Hooi Mi). Nadia comes from a typical superstitious Chinese family. Alya wakes Nadia up every morning and goes to school together. They play and have fun all the time. As Nadia’s birthday is near, Alya saves up some money to buy her a birthday gift. Nadia, upon receiving her gift was so happy until she opened it. Nadia was shocked and ran away, leaving Alya puzzled. Confused, Alya looks at the gift only to find out that she has forgotten to remove the price tag. Alya feels sorry and depressed.

Director & Story: Reuben Teo
Assistant Director: Jocelyn Tee Zhe Ting
Script Conti: P’ng Yi Wei
Art Director & Sound Engineer: Fann Saw
Gaffer & Photographer: Tee Zhe Yen

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