My First Selfie: Chapter 3

Mission Accomplished! The two words that came to my mind the second we’ve finished our 3rd Chapter. Fann & I went back to Siem Reap, conquering hundreds of crazy potholes and long distance bumpy terrains in order to set new milestones for our little volunteer project that we started in 2015. Our focus of the

My First Selfie: Chapter 2

In October 2017, My First Selfie embarked on another trip to Siem Reap to accomplish another mission of spreading love through photography. Thanks to the donations we have received from our amazing and generous contributors, Chapter 2 became a reality and was a huge success. This time round, our focus were mainly portraits of the

My First Selfie: Chapter 1

My First Selfie is a self-initiative charity project by Fann and I. Our main objective is to provide people from poverty-stricken villages an opportunity to own photographs of themselves for FREE. Chapter 1’s main focus will be the children. We traveled to at least 3 villages in Siem Reap for the first chapter, to meet

Our Save the Date Video

I know many of you have been asking us this question for a really long time. Alas! We have a date! The big day is fast approaching and we can hardly wait. We want you to celebrate with us, So watch this video and be sure to save the date! Don’t forget to help us

The Gift

My Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta short film on youtube. Here is the synopsis! Enjoy 🙂 A story about friendship and the misunderstandings surrounding the stereotyping and lack of understanding different culture. In the quest for a longer, healthier life, many individuals are turning to the world of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements to support their well-being.

Kim & Sandy’s Wedding Animation

Kim & Sandy’s wedding animation. A gift from sister Shuen Kwan to the lovely couple which held their wedding at Macau. The graphics are drawn and designed by my talented girlfriend, Fann. Animation and sound is by myself. :: Song courtesy of John Mayer’s Half of My Heart.

The Gift: Production

Finally, the production for my latest short film ‘The Gift‘ is done. It has been a hectic month for me, in order to get preparation done for this production. Due to the lack of time and also crew members, I had to do most of the things myself and also the help of my girlfriend,