Wedding Anniversary in North Korea

Time sure flies when you’re having lots of fun. It has already been 6 years since me and my wife first met and started dating. September 2014 marks our 1st Wedding Anniversary. After being together for so long, it’s become more apparent that Fann is the most beautiful person in the world. Through these years,

Fann’s Birthday 2012

It’s May again and it’s Fann’s birthday! Her birthday was the day before I had to leave for Chiang Mai, so we took a day off to spend the day together. It wasn’t a very big or surprising celebration. Our plans were simple, hang out together and makan. I bought her two slices of her

Happy 21st Birthday Fann

Besides being showered with lots and lots of gifts from me, Fann was also given this small and random surprise video I made for her during her birthday. Happy Birthday, B!