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New York City and Street Photography goes hand in hand, like peas in a pod. Bright billboards, busy streets, steam from the sewers, shiny signages, yellow cabs, and vibrant souls are all packed in this island of dreams. Everywhere you turn, there is always a photo opportunity. This concrete jungle is not only filled with iconic skyscrapers but full of life. The people are always busy, always on the go and minding their own business. My week there allowed me to see many colours through my lens. Everyday, regardless of the weather, I wake up fully charged with motivation, I would pick up my camera and head down to Manhattan in a whim and start rolling. Just strolling around the avenues and getting lost is just one of the many fun things to do there.

New York is that one of the cities on my bucket list that I never thought I would visit so soon. I was able to check off that list while traveling to the Boston in May for a web conference. After the event, Fann and I took a 3 hour train down to Manhattan and our journey began. We stayed there for more than a week. I tried my best to capture as many photos as I could while enjoying the iconic city and taste their culturally rich gastronomy scene. Little did I know that New York is by far one the best places for street photography.

Busy streets of Manhattan

I’m sure many people are curious about the gear I use to shoot these pictures. Well, it’s actually just a simple set of lenses. Most of the shots were taken by my reliable 24-70mm lens. It is the most versatile and multi-purpose lens I have in my arsenal. With a wide aperture of f/2.8, I am able to capture shots in dark alleys or in the night when New York comes to life. With its focal length of 70mm, I could create interesting compositions from a distance. With its weather sealed capabilities, I have little to worry when Manhattan starts to drizzle.

Rain was a common sight when I was there in May. It rained at least 4 days out of the week I was there. As annoying as it could sometimes be, the raining scenes of New York actually gave New York a more dramatic look. Clouds become more melodramatic, reflections increased intensity and people moved faster. As Alicia Keys puts it in her song “A town that is famous as a place of movie scenes”. It was just so beautiful.

With lots of time to spare in New York, it gave me the freedom to slowly digest the atmosphere and the environment. I could peacefully enjoy a scene while taking my sweet time to compose a shot and sharing the beautiful moments with Fann. Full of emotions, this city is definitely a heaven for street photography.

Hope you enjoy this set of photos I’ve short listed from my gallery.

Streets of Manhattan
Grand Central Station
Free styling
People of New York
Entrance to The Tonight Show
Crossing the road
The library
Girl on the bicycle
Shopping for meat
The view
The subway
Rainy New York City
Downtown Manhattan
Life in Chinatown
Lunchtime in New York
The Butchers
The passenger
Performance in Central Park
Another day in Chinatown
Chinese Restaurant
Getting to Manhattan
Road signs of Manhattan
Strolling in downtown Manhattan

In New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.
There’s nothing you can’t do Now you’re in New York!

Alicia Keys

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