Pyongyang Metro

The Pyongyang Metro is one of the must visits when one travels to Pyongyang. Bizarre as it sounds, tour groups to other countries usually avoid the metro or subway system as means of transport, but not for North Korea. The Pyongyang Metro is a place of interest on it’s own. It is not only old

Our Save the Date Video

I know many of you have been asking us this question for a really long time. Alas! We have a date! The big day is fast approaching and we can hardly wait. We want you to celebrate with us, So watch this video and be sure to save the date! Don’t forget to help us

The Gift

My Panasonic Digital Film Fiesta short film on youtube. Here is the synopsis! Enjoy 🙂 A story about friendship and the misunderstandings surrounding the stereotyping and lack of understanding different culture. In the quest for a longer, healthier life, many individuals are turning to the world of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements to support their well-being.

Kim & Sandy’s Wedding Animation

Kim & Sandy’s wedding animation. A gift from sister Shuen Kwan to the lovely couple which held their wedding at Macau. The graphics are drawn and designed by my talented girlfriend, Fann. Animation and sound is by myself. :: Song courtesy of John Mayer’s Half of My Heart.

Happy 21st Birthday Fann

Besides being showered with lots and lots of gifts from me, Fann was also given this small and random surprise video I made for her during her birthday. Happy Birthday, B!