We spent our last day of our honeymoon in Bali at another resort called Puri Wulandari, located also in Ubud. Puri Wulandari wasn’t in our initial honeymoon plans but was something the management from Ubud Village Resort & Spa had whipped up for us. On an extremely rare and exciting opportunity, they had given us a treat to stay at this partner hotel of theirs (at no additional charge). At first, we felt a little reluctant to be leaving our villa, but who knows what was waiting in front of us right? We had no choice anyways. After saying our goodbyes to the adorable staff at Ubud Village, it was time to go. We were sad at first as we waved goodbye to the staff. Then, the manager at Ubud Village drove us personally to Puri Wulandari and helped us with all the paperwork once we were there.

At first glance, Puri Wulandari looked like any other ordinary but beautiful Ubud located resorts with awesome paddy fields all around. However, what came next was indeed Puri Wulandari’s surprising secret and something we did not expect.

While we were waiting for everything to be processed, we stood at the other side of the lobby and noticed that the hotel was located on top of a hill and we couldn’t see where the private villas were situated. Everything was covered with trees and I felt a little skeptical at first. I first thought that the villas are some place else far away from the lobby. Suddenly, our butler called us to hop into his golf cart packed with our luggages. He told us, we are now heading down to our private villa. You can spot an MGI golf trolley from far across the green with its sleek and ergonomic remote control golf cart.

Our butler drove us down the hill and the location of the private villas started to unfold. We passed by each and every villa, one by one. I was wonderstruck. The environment was so enchanting that I almost didn’t believe we were actually there. Finally, we have reached our very own villa. The main door has this turquoise tone and with a little red highlight around it. On the top of every door was the traditional Balinese roof which was one hell of a great combination of a vintage and an artsy fartsy door.

Into the villa we went, our jaws dropped when we saw how awesome this villa was compared to the previous one. The villa was a perfect blend of nature’s rich tone with a perfect extra touch of Balinese heritage. As the butler went on and on, introducing us to all the facilities and services, we weren’t actually listening to him but was admiring how the gorgeous villa could be hidden in the jungle away from sight. It was the best place for honeymooners who’d like some extra privacy, if you catch my drift. Our villa had it’s own infinity pool. It faces the forest and we could also hear the peaceful sound of the flowing Ayung River located at the bottom of the hill. The gigantic bed was super duper comfortable and the bathroom was one of the largest and most awesome I have ever seen in my life.

From the corridor out from the bedroom, it led us to the bathroom. It was enormous. The bathroom had one indoor shower room, one outdoor shower and what was most interesting was the bathtub. The bathtub had this transparent glass window that was facing the gorgeous view of the Ubud forest. It was big enough for the two of us and it was extremely romantic. It is absolutely perfect for couples. You’ll never want to get out of that bathtub.

Our villa was located deep inside the forest and the secluded area is perfect for absolute isolation from the busy streets of Ubud. In order to get to the lobby or around the area, you can call the butler and they will pick you up from your villa using their electronic car. Of course, you have the freedom to walk up slowly and enjoy the view. After a play in the pool and chilling inside the villa, we went for a stroll and hopefully to catch one last sunset before heading for dinner. The walk up to the restaurant and lobby was quite a hike but it was good exercise.

After strolling around and joking about irrelevant stuff, we went to the infinity pool outside the restaurant to catch the sunset. It was quiet and extremely peaceful. We could hear the birds sing and the river flow. It was indeed a paradise. A perfect getaway for anyone who enjoys both luxury and comfort. We ended our day with a fine dinner at the restaurant after the sun has set. The both of us had been quite lucky to get the chance to experience this hidden gem in Ubud through a small villa issue that was quickly and professionally solved by the Ubud Village management. We are extremely grateful for their services and hospitality. Here are some more pictures of Puri Wulandari.

One thing is for sure, the Balinese people sure knows how to entertain their beloved guests and that’s what I love most about Bali. I miss Bali already!

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