During our 2 week roadtrip in Flores Island, we spent a couple of days in the town of Bajawa. We stayed at one of the best bed and breakfast you can find on this island. Located about a 20 minutes drive away from the main town, this jewel is located in Jerebu’u Village that has arguably the most picturesque hilltops. With the cooling weather, this place is a great place for a good break. At times, it can be foggy but if you’re lucky, you will see one of the most beautiful sunsets on Flores Island.

We stayed here for 3 days and 2 nights to explore Bajawa. It was also a great hideaway for us to enjoy a better stay as compared to our previous accommodations which consisted of a make shift shack at Koka Beach and an extremely basic room in Moni town.

Manulalu bed & breakfast also boasts one of the most gorgeous views of the majestic Inerie Volcano. Staying here allows you to enjoy the amazing tropical jungle and the volcano from night to day. Situated on the hilltop, the quiet and tranquil atmosphere allows us to recharge ourselves and feel more refreshed in order to continue our long journey ahead. Sometimes if you closely enough, you might even see the milky way.

Price & Food

Price was reasonable considering the picturesque location and quiet environment. A room set us back approximately US$45 (RM180) and I thought it was worth it. The price also included a simple breakfast. You had a choice between pancakes and toast. Either choices came with a small local fruit platter. The food was pretty decent.

The beds were very comfortable. As the night could get really cold, the blankets were fantastic to keep ourselves warm. After days without a hot shower, Manulalu gave us the luxury to feel cozy and like home.

Since there were no restaurants around, the only option was to eat here at Manulalu. Surprisingly, the food here was amazing. Although the kitchen was a bit slow, but the food was delicious. We ordered fish & chips and chicken curry rice. Due to the cool weather, we got hungry easily even before dinner time. Fortunately, dinner was filling and with the tranquil environment, we slept like a baby.


The hotel has a cozy living room for guests to chill. There are also board games, musical instruments, books and a TV to keep you busy for the night. My favourite corner was the fireplace, it kept us warm during the night and gave the living room this comfortable and homey mood. You could just stay here forever.

Sunset view of the Inerie Volcano
The long table with a view

Manulalu also has this long table right with high chairs at the garden. Here you can have a coffee while enjoying the amazing view of the Inerie Volcano. You can also see the Bena Village hidden somewhere within the mountains. Situated high up on the mountains, the view is to die for.


I managed to capture a couple of shots of the Inerie Volcano at various time of the day. In the early morning, you will be able to see the sun shining brightly on the peak resulting in this red glow which looks absolutely stunning. Here are some photos for you to check out.

Red glow on the peak of Inerie in the morning
Evening fog
The milky way seen from Manulau Bed & Breakfast
A statue
Manulalu Signage
Markisa (Indonesian version of the passion fruit)
Banana pancakes and coffee
Foggy night at Manulalu
Fish & Chips
Curry chicken rice
Manulalu Bed & Breakfast in the evening
Entertainment corner
More seats with a view
The living room of Manulalu
Tropical trees on the moutain

I would strongly recommend everyone to stay here at Manulalu Bed & Breakfast. With the picturesque views and comfy accommodations, this secret jewel on the mountains is bound to bring you joy and an amazing experience. The best pitstop for you to recharge before heading on to more adventures on Flores Island.

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