25 Best Panoramic Landscapes of North Korea

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious” is what Albert Einstein has taught us. This is all so true. What is more exciting than traveling into the mysterious lands of North Korea? Well, that would be my big fat hard earned chance to capture the beautiful landscapes of the ‘hermit kingdom’ and

Life: North Korea Part 1

In 2014 and 2015, I’ve traveled to the hermit kingdom twice. Every time I visit, the DPRK fascinates me even more. However behind that thick fog of curiosity, there’s always something that touches my heart. We often see large scale military parades, ridiculous coverage of unverified news, defectors who lie for money, but we often

70th Anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea

10 October 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea (WPK). Despite all the excitement going around and leading up to the big day, still much of its information and details were shrouded in mystery. This includes the schedule of the parade and the location of where tourists could stand to view

30 Best Panoramas of North Korea

Ever wondered how a secretive socialist country locked from the outside world looks like? Many of us who has never been to North Korea depicts the country with visuals of obsessive military parades, shouting strict army men and overly expressive newscasters. Well, there weren’t any public executions or starving children by the roadside. It was

My souvenirs from North Korea

What to buy in North Korea? People say that there’s nothing much to buy back as souvenirs from North Korea. Well, this statement can somewhat be true and untrue at the same time. True because they don’t have much of your conventional fridge magnets or bookmarks that says “PYONGYANG” or “MT PAEKTU” and they don’t

Snapshot: Hyangsan

We moved out to the outskirts after being around the capital for a few days. We first traveled to this county called Hyangsan. It’s located right in the middle of North Korea and roughly about 2 hours drive from Pyongyang. It was a beautiful day and we passed by fields of beautiful farmland. This county

Pyongyang Koryo Hotel

The Koryo Hotel is one of the hotels we’ve stayed during our trip to the DPRK. It’s also one of the two 5 star hotels in Pyongyang. Built in 1985 under the supervision of President Kim Il-Sung, the hotel is easily recognisable by it’s twin towered building equipped with two revolving restaurants on it’s top

Education in North Korea

When we travel to foreign countries, seldom do we come across the idea of visiting a school. But during our trip to the DPRK, we had the opportunity to visit some of the learning grounds of the Korean people. We as foreigners are basically unaware of the education system in North Korea. The majority thinks