In 2014 and 2015, I’ve traveled to the hermit kingdom twice. Every time I visit, the DPRK fascinates me even more. However behind that thick fog of curiosity, there’s always something that touches my heart. We often see large scale military parades, ridiculous coverage of unverified news, defectors who lie for money, but we often forget the lighter and human side of this proud nation – The People. Every single moment that we judge them, the people still survives and they live their hard working life. Forget all the politics and economics, the people of North Korea is just like every single one of us. They live their lives to the fullest. They sing, they dance, they read, they play. They study to gain knowledge and they love their families. They cry when they are sad and they laugh when they are happy.

This is a small compilation the street photography I’ve done in North Korea. It showcases some of the things they do in their everyday lives, just like you and me. This is the 1st part of my street photography about the life in North Korea. Enjoy.











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