Colonial Buildings of Yangon

The colonial-era buildings in downtown Yangon have stood the test of time, offering a glimpse into a bygone era. Despite their decaying facades, these buildings are a great attraction for those interested in historical architecture. The British had meticulously planned the town’s layout in a geometrical grid system that has been preserved to this day,

Landscapes of Yangon

Once called Rangoon and the great capital of British Burma, Yangon is in fact a dynamic city. It still remains a city of the past because of it’s extremely unique landscape compromising a fusion of ancient Burmese, British colonial and modern architecture. Yangon downtown gives the city a very photogenic skyline look from above. Also,

Myanmar (Preparation & Overview)

Myanmar, or more commonly known to westerners as Burma is a beautiful country. Like most of it’s neighbours in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is rich in culture and diverse in ethnicity due to the migration from nearby countries. The most dominant ethnic group called the Bamar migrated from Tibet during ancient times and founded the ancient