It’s May again and it’s Fann’s birthday! Her birthday was the day before I had to leave for Chiang Mai, so we took a day off to spend the day together. It wasn’t a very big or surprising celebration. Our plans were simple, hang out together and makan. I bought her two slices of her favourite cakes. She blewed the candle when the clock struck 12.

We spent our afternoon in Bukit Bintang, mostly at Pavilion. Ever since Fann started working, we had little time to go out as a couple for a date. Thankfully for her birthday we could spend some private time together, walk around and fool around. 🙂

Fann and the Queen’s guards

Took some pictures and got her some gifts. Here are some shots, hope that everyone loves it.

Tiffany & Co
 Let It Be
Our dinner

The best present in the world is spending time with her, listening to her and laughing together. Having her by my side is also the most wonderful gift God has given to me. Happy Birthday my dear B. Love you lots.

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