Sunrise of U-Bein

Only half an hour drive away from the old capital of Mandalay in the village of Amarapura, lies this bridge that is one of the most scenic things I”ve ever seen in my life. The U-Bein Bridge is a teakwood bridge that is known to be the oldest and longest in the world. U-Bein Bridge

Walking around Mandalay

We reached the city of Mandalay on our third day of our trip. We took the overnight bus from Yangon and arrived in Mandalay very early in the morning. Our beloved driver, Fatty Ko was waiting at the bus terminal to fetch us. It was a too early for us to check in at our

Landscapes of Yangon

Once called Rangoon and the great capital of British Burma, Yangon is in fact a dynamic city. It still remains a city of the past because of it’s extremely unique landscape compromising a fusion of ancient Burmese, British colonial and modern architecture. Yangon downtown gives the city a very photogenic skyline look from above. Also,

Quiet Side of Beijing Part 1

Beijing is one of the most crowded cities to be in China. It is pretty difficult to avoid big crowds of tourists especially when visiting a very famous site like the Forbidden City or the Tiantan Temple. Everywhere you stand, you’ll be surrounded by the wrath of the tourist crowds and it may be most

Myanmar (Preparation & Overview)

Myanmar, or more commonly known to westerners as Burma is a beautiful country. Like most of it’s neighbours in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is rich in culture and diverse in ethnicity due to the migration from nearby countries. The most dominant ethnic group called the Bamar migrated from Tibet during ancient times and founded the ancient

Snapshot: Village Life

After staying in the capital city for almost 10 years, it’s hard to imagine how different the world has become. In February of 2014, I went to Siem Reap for a break and to chase the sunrise of Angkor Wat, and what happened during that trip had been an eye opener for me. Besides the

30 Best Panoramas of North Korea

Ever wondered how a secretive socialist country locked from the outside world looks like? Many of us who has never been to North Korea depicts the country with visuals of obsessive military parades, shouting strict army men and overly expressive newscasters. Well, there weren’t any public executions or starving children by the roadside. It was

My souvenirs from North Korea

What to buy in North Korea? People say that there’s nothing much to buy back as souvenirs from North Korea. Well, this statement can somewhat be true and untrue at the same time. True because they don’t have much of your conventional fridge magnets or bookmarks that says “PYONGYANG” or “MT PAEKTU” and they don’t