Life in North Korea

Recently with the progress of the two Koreas having a very promising and progressive summit, it’s a fantastic time to take a look inside the hermit kingdom through my lens. Now that the world has once again turn their focus on Kim Jong Un, I’d like to share some of the shots I’ve seen of the every day lives of the North Koreans. Hopefully, everyone would enjoy Part 4.

As we dwell a little deeper into the DPRK, we take a step and try our best to observe and understand their life in the country. Let’s all take a break and enjoy photos of the North Koreans in Part 4 of Life in North Korea.


Check out the full gallery by visiting my Flickr album here.

Online Casino in North Korea

North Korea and online casinos may seem like an unlikely pairing, but the isolated nation has actually been involved in the online gambling industry for several years. In fact, online gambling has become one of North Korea’s major sources of foreign currency, with the country’s leaders reportedly using the proceeds to fund their nuclear weapons program.

Online gambling has been illegal in North Korea since 2002, but that hasn’t stopped the country from getting involved in the industry like beste nettcasino. Instead, the North Korean government has turned to hackers to create and operate online casinos, using their skills to evade detection and operate in secret.

These online casinos are primarily targeted at foreign players, with the North Korean government using their country’s advanced cyber capabilities to hack into foreign computer systems and redirect traffic to their illegal gambling sites. These sites often feature a wide range of games, including slot machines, card games, 벳위즈, and roulette.

The North Korean government is reportedly involved in every step of the online gambling process, from setting up the websites to recruiting foreign players. They are also said to be heavily involved in the promotion of these illegal online casinos, using their hacking skills to advertise the sites on foreign websites and social media platforms.

The profits from these illegal online casinos are thought to be a significant source of foreign currency for North Korea, with some estimates suggesting that the country could be earning hundreds of millions of dollars per year from the industry. This money is thought to be used to fund the country’s nuclear weapons program and other military endeavors.

In short, North Korea’s involvement in the online gambling industry is a prime example of the country’s willingness to engage in illegal activities in order to fund their military ambitions. It’s a troubling reminder of the lengths that the North Korean government is willing to go to in order to maintain their power and influence.

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