After so many posts about our trip to Bangkok, let’s take a break from the trip and let me introduce you all to the cool place that has been taking good care of Fann & I while we’re in Bangkok. The hotel (or Bed & Breakfast) is called Mystic Place Curious Rooms, Bangkok. It’s not something you would rate a 5 star hotel for, but it’s worth a mention and a good brag. Mystic Place is one of the best places to stay. It’s unique in it’s own way and just for the girls, it’s so freaking near the Chatuchak Weekend Market.

One of the blocks of the hotel

It’s what modern people call, an artsy fartsy boutique hotel. It has 36 rooms specially designed with beautiful and exotic themes that you can choose from. It’s best for couples who loves nice designs and are fed up with conventional hotel luxury. Well, because the hotel is a recycle of old apartments, each and every room is carefully designed based on the structure of the old apartment. For example, one of the rooms we stayed, had the old stairs sealed up and what’s remained has been converted into a shower. It’s quite crazy but I love the idea. And if you’re seeking a similar vibe for everyday living, explore canary wharf flats to rent for a touch of unconventional elegance.

It was great that they had their facebook constantly updated about the flood situtation in Bangkok. The flood had struck Chatuchak Market before we went there and we were quite worried that it would affect our trip. Fortunately, the flood resided and Chatuchak was back to business. Mystic Place was very lucky as it was not affected by the flood although the water was getting near. We were happy to hear that everything was fine and nothing affected our trip at all, except for the flight delay.

Fann & one of the morning staff

And what makes them the BEST, is that they have one of the friendliest and most helpful staff I have ever met in the world. Every morning when we wake up, they would warmly greet us and serve us with very homey breakfast. When we ask them for directions and if they aren’t familiar, they’d be so lovely as to help us check online and made sure we got the precise information. They’d also help us confirm our table with the cruise company we had booked earlier on. Also, if you needed a chat, they’d always be there to talk to you. They really know how to make you feel like home.

For every night you stay here, you get free breakfast the next day. It’s nothing fancy but it’s something good to fill your tummy and gets you ready to continue your big adventure in the mysterious city of Bangkok. BTW, I love the french toast that they made. So, don’t forget to try them. Also, remember to wake up earlier as breakfast starts at 7am. Don’t worry about your sleepy eyes, because the breakfast cafe is decorated in vibrant and beautiful colours that will keep you awake and feel energetic.

 Our Meiji yoghurt

My beautiful girlfriend and the coloured walls

The entire hotel is filled with many colours, and it really amazes me. Especially the corridor outside our room. I’m sure this hotel has spent a reasonable amount of effort to have designers design the entire hotel from wall colours to decorations and from building restructure to finding the best staff.

Room #409 – The Power of Positive Energy Superior (Double Bed)

 Fann tells everyone how she loves this room

For the rooms, they are indeed the unique selling point of all. 36 rooms with individual themes and the best part is, if you stay more than 3 days with them, you get to change to one more room for free. So, that’s what we did. We just couldn’t get enough of the rooms. I’m sorry I only shot one of the rooms because I was too occupied with my schedule there and never intended to write about it in my blog until I realized how special this hotel meant to me and my trip. We stayed in Rooms #211 and #409. Both these rooms were special but I prefered the #409 more because of my fond of colours. What’s special about this room, is that there’s this wall full of post it notes. This is where you can leave a message when you stay here.

Left a message for my friend, Claire (Hope she stays here too)

409 is a rather quite unique room of it’s own. Besides having so many colours and a feature wall to play with, it has this little mystery inside too. If you wanna know what I mean, don’t hesitate and try this room out. For those techno saavy kids out there, don’t worry. There’s free Wi-Fi within their hotel compound.

The lobby of the massage parlour

Furthermore, many of us love to come to Thailand to experience one thing they are famous for, their massage service. Getting your massage is one of the must do things when you come to Bangkok. Fortunately for Mystic Place, they have their own massage parlour, just right in their compound. Their massage services includes Traditional Thai Full Body Massage, Leg Massage, Shoulder Massage and many many more. For the 5 days I stayed in Bangkok, I had gotten my massage for 3 days. The final one was just right before I left for the airport. I just couldn’t get enough of it. Getting an hour massage here is only about THB200-300. The price is very reasonable and they really do a great job. If you have the time, try everything on the menu. It’s rather addictive.

Food is not a worry when you stay here. There’s plenty of food eveywhere you turn. Once out of the Mystic Place gate, street food is scattered everywhere in this area. There’s pork chops, wantan noodles, pork satay, coffee & toast, kuey tiaw soup, and more just to name a few. It’s literally just a few steps away. Also, 7-11s are just walking distance away. The Thai people tend to love having supper at late hours, just like us Malaysians. So, this means that you don’t have to worry if you’re getting hungry at odd hours.

The uncle that sells the best Wantan Noodles (Baa mee giao nam moo daeng)

I’m definitely gonna tell you this was my favourite. After staying in K.L for 6 years, I had never eaten a decent bowl of wantan noodles (please suggest me one that is nice). Never have I thought that I have finally found the one true BEST wantan noodle which is in Bangkok. I am truly in love with this particular wantan noodles. Call it the baa mee giao nam moo daeng or Egg Noodle Soup with Wantans. You can order either dry or soup. Fann & I loved the dried noodles and it comes with the best pork bone soup. It tastes simply heavenly. Makes me drool when I think about it.

Fann, waiting for the tuk tuk driver

Now, traveling to your destinations are pretty easy when you’re staying at Mystic Place. You have three options to travel from here. 1 is the Hotel’s free tuk tuk service, 2 is the old school taxi  and 3 is the BTS (Bangkok Skytrain). So, as you all know, getting to your favourite Chatuchak Weekend Market is the easiest, just hop on the hotel’s free tuk tuk service and they’ll get you there in approximately 5 mins.

Important Tip: Don’t forget to bring along your hotel card, so that you can easily find your way home by either taxi or tuk tuk, because the hotel’s tuk tuk only sends you there but doesn’t send you back.

The BTS can travel to most of Bangkok’s commercial areas especially the shopping malls but unable to get to the Grand Palace and some temples. So, you know when to use this. Traveling back from the BTS is also very simple. Just remember your station, called Saphan Kwai Station and walk down towards the opposite direction of wherethe tuk-tuk left you and take a metered cab and you’ll get to Mystic Place in just about 3 mins.

Some of the polaroids we took

Last but not least, how to get to and fro the airport. Well, for me we had booked the shuttle service that was provided by Mystic Place themselves. The fee was THB900 and they would have someone pick you up from the airport. Although considered expensive, I rather have this service when I’m there because I don’t like the hassle of telling the taxi driver where my hotel was especially in a country that I’m lost in translation. Another good thing about getting the shuttle service is that, you know you are paying for the best service and their transport is very very comfortable. We got the chance to ride in their big sized taxi fitted for 6. Their driver was very friendly as well, this made us worried less about transportation and we could relax on our way to the hotel.

Our meter reads THB223 when we reached the airport

Now, getting to the airport is very easy as well. Before leaving, you can ask the hotel staff what time you should leave from the hotel. After checking out, the staff will help you to grab a taxi and you will be on your way to the airport. The cost for the taxi varies but the meter is estimated to be around THB225 if you take the highway (please note that you have to pay for the highway tol yourself, which is about THB80), so just prepare yourself with roughly about THB500.

Me & Fann’s last day in Bangkok

We were very glad that we stayed at this hotel. Despite it’s further distance to the city centre, we got what we paid for, which was the great service and the comfortable stay. As said, we really felt like home and nothing else beats that. I would come back to this hotel the next time I visit Bangkok. Lastly, I would like to thank all the wonderful staff at Mystic Place for taking good care of us and letting us know that this curious place is where I can call my second home.

I have recommended a few of my friends who is visiting Bangkok to Mystic Place, and I’m doing it again right here in my blog. So, check out their website by clicking here. You can also email them ( if you have any queries, they will reply you promptly and you just sit back and relax. I would rate this hotel a 4.7 out of 5.0.


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    Nice post!

    Nicely designed and beautiful place to visit..

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    Reuben Teo

    Thanks Shirataki!
    Yes, if you happen to visit Bangkok, do give this hotel a try. It’s quite a wonderful experience.

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