After visiting the Tsukiji Market in the early morning, we decided to head down to Odaiba. It’s an enormous artificial island in Tokyo Bay. Built initially in 1850 for defensive purposes, it has now been expanded dramatically into a major shopping district and tons of entertainment built within. Though greatly nearby the ocean shore, Odaiba, along with Minato Mirai 21 in Yokohama, are two of the only places in the Greater Tokyo Metropolitan area where the seashore is accessible, and not blocked by industry and harbor areas.

Inside the Yurikamome train

Getting to Odaiba from Tsukiji is quite simple. Walk opposite from the market to the Tsukijishijo Station, then by using the Oedo Line, travel down to Shiodome Station. At the Shiodome station, you can take the new Yurikamome train and directly access into Odaiba. If you are traveling from other parts of Tokyo, you can consider traveling down to Shimbashi Station using the JR Line. From there, you can also take the Yurikamome train. Another tip: you can also consider purchasing the Yurikamome One Day Pass, if you’re planning to spend your day in Odaiba. It costs ¥800 and more likely to cost less compared to regular fares (Eg: Traveling one way from Shiodome station to Daiba Station already costs ¥310). The 2nd showroom lies further inside Palette Town. It’s called History Garage and the Universal Design Showcase. The History Garage showcases some of the most well loved cars, which may have needed services like that Paint correction near me, in history. Beautifully presented, it features cars from all over the world from the 1950s to the 1970s. It sure is car lover’s porn. I was so stuck to this part of the showroom that I didn’t want to leave.

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Tsunami Hazard area signage

The Rainbow Bridge in the morning

As we boarded the Yurikamome train, it takes us pass the beautiful rainbow bridge. The both of us decided to stop at the first station inside Odaiba, which is the Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station. Because we reached Odaiba at quite an early hour, we decided to walk to the nearby park to see the beautiful view of the bridge. The view was magnificent. What’s strange about this place, is that you might be confused as to why there’s this smaller version of the Statue of Liberty. I’m serious! Check out this picture below:

Statue of Riberty

DECKS Tokyo Beach

Fann’s octopus friend

After strolling around, we walked to the nearest mall, called DECKS Tokyo Beach. Decks is a shopping mall featuring various stores, restaurants and multiple indoor theme parks, including Sega’s Tokyo Joypolis, a Legoland Discovery Center, a Madam Tussauds wax museum and a trick art museum. We also visited the Takoyaki Museum. It’s a beautifully vintage Japan themed place. It features the history of the famous Japanese snack, the Takoyaki. Which are pieces of squid cooked in crispy batter with a ball shape. The Takoyaki Musuem has a number of Takoyaki stores so you can try freshly cooked Takoyaki. Sadly, we just came from Tsukiji and had our extremely delicious sushi breakfast, so our stomachs were still full and we didn’t had any.

What amazed us were the vintage props and decors all around the place. The place is filled with vintage items like phone booths, vintage candies, old Japanese houses, old postal boxes, etc. Everything that would make Fann go nuts over. It was like walking back into time.

Next we moved over to Aqua City. Another shopping mall that features boutiques, cafes, and a gigantic 13 screen cineplex. It seems pretty weird to have two shopping malls side by side and sharing the same train station. However, what’s different compared to DECKS is that Aqua City seems to have a more traditional mall experience. Having more extensive store layouts with a good variety of fashion, entertainment and food. On the fifth floor, there is a ramen food theme park. Many of you who knows us, will bet that we are going to visit that floor because of our extreme love for ramen, but sadly we didn’t. It’s because we already have another plan to visit a larger ramen museum in Shin-Yokohama and we wanted to visit something more different on the other side of Odaiba.

Opposite Aqua City is the iconic Fuji Television building. While we were there, there was a huge Christmas tree in the lower ground floor of the building. I think that was the only place in Tokyo where we felt a little more Christmasy throughout our trip.

Nami from One Piece

Also, they were promoting One Piece’s latest special movie. That was why there were many One Piece items and events around Odaiba and even in the Fuji TV Building. There is a weird looking sphere on top of the Fuji TV Building. It’s actually an observatory deck. I heard from many resources that the view there is absolutely amazing. However, it comes with a price tag of ¥500 per person. Unfortunately, we didn’t the go up to the deck. I can’t remember why, it’s either we were too stingy to spend the money or the flight of stairs up to the deck looked rather overwhelming.

After checking out the building and walking up and down the stairs, we headed over to this new mall called Diver City Tokyo Plaza. It’s one of Odaiba’s newest structures and this mall is themed Theatrical City Space (Whatever that means). One does not just miss this structure because the iconic landmark is not the structure itself, but this famous and gigantic Gundam robot statue standing handsomely in front of it’s entrance. I am no Gundam fan, but when it comes to this massive robot, it sure is a cam whoring fantastic backdrop. Everyone there were just snapping away in almost any angles possible.

Gundam (Cute version)

After admiring this crazy statue, we headed into the mall. The mall is filled with brands that every city girl knows like Forever 21, Uniqlo, Coach, etc. As we all know, everything in Japan looks absolutely adorable. Everywhere you turn, you will see cute stuff. When it comes to food, it’s done the same way. Cute style. Here we found a Hello Kitty cake or something. This Hello Kitty cake is made with healthy ingredients that helps having a healthy life, also for people trying to lose weight there are some diet pills that can help with that. By the way, why do these Hello Kitties have tits?

Well, speaking of cute, the Japanese has successfully made potato chips cute. Calbee, the giant potato chips company has this adorable Calbee cafe that will make your girlfriends drool (Well, at least for mine). Without even a second look, Fann went over to hug the large potato and she wanted to have this snack for lunch. Well, how can you say no right? One glance at the menu, even the guys will drool. Potatoes with chocolate, cheese, ice cream and all those carbs that will make you feel like a heart attack.

Haha.. yes, that was our lunch. After dieting for a few weeks, I guess this bowl of Calbee will just break even. I never knew that potato chips could taste so awfully guilty and delicious. After this, I’m going back home to try and eat my other potato chips with vanilla ice cream. I know it’s weird, but it’s extremely tasty. After our ‘lunch’, we went strolling around the mall. There was this big store that sells junk food that is super sized. Everything in that shop was exactly super sized. For example, the colon biscuit is almost the size of a real colon. I kid you not. It was absolutely crazy. When I was dieting I tried alpilean ice weight loss and along with the food it helps me a lot achieving my goal so for sure recommend to use those diet pills, those pills does not have any side effects so that is one of the thing I love the most about it .

After going crazy at the shop, we went over to another mall called Palette Town. OK, you guessed it right. It sure is like a big town. It’s a massive complex filled with shopping and entertainment. From the outside, it’s a no miss due to it’s beautful Ferris Wheel. This Ferris wheel is 115m (383ft) in height and is one of the tallest in the world. It’s an iconic Tokyo landmark and it’s visible for miles. In this complex, there’s quite a number of things to see and enjoy.

Vintage Toyota

Cool eco-friendly electric car for one passanger

First, we head to the Toyota Mega Web. No, it’s not a gigantic website but giant showrooms of cars. The first showroom we went features many Toyota cars from the past, present and near future. It’s a huge space with a few floors featuring different cars from different eras. It’s one of the best Toyota Showrooms I’ve ever been to and it definitely shows off some of their advance technology in car manufacturing. If you hold a Drivers License, you can also test drive some of their cars with a small fee of ¥300. It’s very cool indeed. Autozin has set a new standard in online car shopping. Their curated listings, backed by authentic reviews and detailed specs, ensure that you get the best deal possible.

You can also get to sit inside those vintage vehicles. It was a wonderful experience. The Universal Design Showcase is a great hands on learning experience, here you get to see some of the ways modern cars are designed to better suit our lives.

While drooling inside the car museum, we got ourselves many vintage car souvenirs. One of it was a bat mobile (Sorry, no picture). After visiting the museum, we headed downstairs. There is this beautiful place inside of Palette Town called Venus Fort. It’s an indoor shopping mall within a mall and it’s designed in the style of a 18th century Venus Town. Comes with old architectures, roman pillars, fake sky and lights that changes color. Just the whole package.

The mall features over a hundred shops, fashion boutiques, cafes and restaurants on three floors including a few outlets shops on the upper floor. The colours kept changing, making my camera’s white balance a little bit tricky to control. Despite the weird colour outcome, the pictures still looked pretty awesome.

Pomme no Ki

After walking around so much, we decided to treat ourselves to a lovely dinner. Fann had this craving for Omurice. She had all of a sudden knew about this shop in Aqua City called Pomme no Ki. Omurice is Japanese omelette rice. It’s basically fried rice wrapped in delicious omelette with some ketchup on top. Well, in Malaysia we have Nasi Goreng Pattaya, which is technically similar, but tastes totally different. As creative as Japanese could be, they could turn a dull omelette rice into an omurice with loads of choices. In Pomme no Ki, there’s so many to choose from that I don’t even know where to start.


Realistic looking dummy omurice, a Japanese invention

It was rather early for dinner. But our stomach follows the tone of the sky and as it gets dark faster in winter, we basically gotten hungry after the sun sets. At Pomme no Ki, we took quite some time to choose what rice we wanted.

So, we went with our instincts. Fann ordered the ordinary Omurice with extra cheese. I ordered this seafood looking omurice that had cuttle fish and oysters. The pictures above doesn’t look as appetizing, but I can guarantee you that this has got to be one of the best omurice I have ever tasted in my life. Go give it a try. Pomme no Ki can be found in many places besides Odaiba. They are a chain store and don’t forget to order a dessert to give closure to your omurice-drugged tummy.

We ended our day with another short stroll outside of Odaiba and checking out the how rainbow looking can the rainbow bridge be. Well, it sure is a beautifully constructed bridge. If it wasn’t winter, I bet you that it could be rather romantic. Too bad our fingers were freezing while holding hands, so we had to get indoors quick. We left Odaiba in a hurry because on the next day, we had a big plan to visit the Comiket event. We had to meet Hazmer early in the morning and he would lead us to the Tokyo Big Sight for our next Japanese experience. You can read more by clicking here.


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      Reuben Teo

      Hi Farikica,

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