Early Morning in Pyongyang

Some of the most magical times of the day are early mornings when the world is still waking up. It is serene, peaceful, calm and it goes well with a nice cup of tea too. Pyongyang is not your usual place for landscape photography but that wasn’t the case when I was there. Pyongyang is

Pyongyang Metro

The Pyongyang Metro is one of the must visits when one travels to Pyongyang. Bizarre as it sounds, tour groups to other countries usually avoid the metro or subway system as means of transport, but not for North Korea. The Pyongyang Metro is a place of interest on it’s own. It is not only old

70th Anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea

10 October 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the Worker’s Party of Korea (WPK). Despite all the excitement going around and leading up to the big day, still much of its information and details were shrouded in mystery. This includes the schedule of the parade and the location of where tourists could stand to view

Getting Into North Korea

After Buzzfeed’s somewhat unclear post about Aram Pan’s aircraft photos, it’s quite obvious that many people have come to the attention of the national carrier of North Korea, Air Koryo. First of all, Aram Pan’s photos are amazing and so is Air Koryo, but Buzzfeed’s post was a little bit out of context and might

Wedding Anniversary in North Korea

Time sure flies when you’re having lots of fun. It has already been 6 years since me and my wife first met and started dating. September 2014 marks our 1st Wedding Anniversary. After being together for so long, it’s become more apparent that Fann is the most beautiful person in the world. Through these years,

Snapshot: Pyongyang 2

Putting aside all the bad things we’ve heard from the western media about North Korea, let’s look at some of the down to earth side of the country’s capital. Pyongyang city, with a population of 2.5 million is also the largest city in North Korea. Out of my 12 days in the DPRK, I spent

Snapshot: Pyongyang 1

The isolated and secretive country of North Korea boasts it’s capital like no other. It is indeed the showcase city of the DPRK. Showing off huge and gigantic monuments, massive displays of propaganda visuals and slogans, the city of Pyongyang is one of the most uniquely beautiful cities I’ve ever been to. The most distinctive

Why I Traveled to North Korea

I went to North Korea in September 2014 with my wife. We only told a small handful of people about our actual destination while hiding the truth with a decoy location – Beijing from everyone until we were back (We did in fact went to Beijing for transit). The reason for this was because of