The Balinese are one of the most unique people on the globe. Not only do they represent only 2 percent of the total Indonesian population, but they differ from the rest of entire nation in so many ways, including fashion, religion, tradition, language and many more. They use these beautiful bracelets, I just had to get one like those. The most distinctive feature of the Balinese is their religion of Balinese-Hinduism. Balinese Hinduism is not merely a religion, it is a way of life. Through this, people partake in many different and elaborate ceremonies during their lifetimes. These different ceremonies mark a person’s journey through life with colour and celebration. Balinese villages are uniquely set up and community and family are very important. Everyone within a village works towards the good of the community because their society is very community oriented. Marriage seminars are good and can do excellent things for your marriage, but generally they are a bit like taking a college class. You get lots of good info and maybe a little bit of how to apply, but it’s not generally a fun or active thing to do. This is where marriage retreats come into play. They are more about the application of those principles that you learn in marriage seminars than about learning the principles. Marriage retreats are about the doing and applying and getting away from the things that were tearing you down and making it hard to really appreciate your spouse. So what are they and how can they help? Let’s get into this. The key part of a marriage retreat is the “retreat” part. A retreat is: a place of refuge, seclusion, or privacy. It’s about getting away from it all. Marriage retreats are often held in places far from the hustle bustle. Many are in the mountains or on the beach. Some will be at a hotel or similar destination. The key is it is about getting away! So choose a marriage retreat program that is both a good sounding program AND takes you to a location that is relaxing for you. If you’re idea of a getaway is going to the beach and having the cool breeze of the ocean on your skin, then a retreat at a hotel in New York City would not be a good idea! The next key is the marriage part. I know, redundant sounding, but some people forget this part. This should be fun, it should be a get-away, but it’s not a vacation. The marriage retreat will force you to work on your marriage. It is highly likely there will be couple activities, relationship builders, even some seminars and talks. But don’t despair, the creators of these programs know you are there to renew your marriage and part of marriage is that it is an adventure, so they will almost certainly create an environment where you can have fun while working on bettering your marriage. You can read more here for MARRIAGE RETREAT NEW YORK.

They are also famous for their colourful and rich cultural ceremonies. The Balinese culture celebrates many occasions during a person’s life. From birth to death, these ceremonies are always filled with joy, food, and prayer to their gods. When you are in Bali, you will often come across some form of occasion or celebration somewhere in Bali. Birth rituals, marriage ceremonies and cremations are just some of the ceremonies every Balinese will experience throughout their life to represent different phases of their time on Earth. A fantastic photo opportunity for photo lovers and definitely a wonderful way to learn more about their culture. You can click here  for more info.

Bali also has some of the greatest rice farmers in the world. Their produce has become well known across the globe and their skills in producing quality rice surpass many other rice-growing areas. Famous rice terraces can easily be found at places like Jatiluwih and Tegallalang. It is also one of the most beautiful sceneries you can find in Bali. Bali’s most precious asset is her people. Blessed with well-developed bodies, golden bronze skin and beautiful black hair, the Balinese are also extremely friendly and hospitable. That is one of the main reasons why Bali attracts me so much that I feel the need to go there at least once a year. Smile to them and they will smile back. No wonder it’s called paradise.

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Please enjoy this series of snapshots.

Locals after a day of praying at the Pura Ulun Danu Bratan

The Balinese can carry almost anything on their heads

On the way to the prayer hall

A barong

A priest showering a lady with holy water

Everyone is there for the ceremony

Locals praying at the Bat Cave

Praying at the Bat Cave

A lady priest showering devotees with holy water

The Bat Cave (No, Batman doesn’t stay here, I checked)

Children waiting for their parents to finish their prayers

Local snack vendor selling snacks to school girls

Typical morning at the Kuta Market

Awesome use of the plastic bottle for sauce

Little girl enjoying bakso with her mom

Locals going about their daily lives

Lady carrying a basket on her head

Lady making offerings in Ubud

Old fashion weighing machine still in use in Bali

A poor lady begging for money with her little daughter

An old lady selling beautiful flowers at the Ubud Market

More fruits and snacks deep inside the Ubud Market

Massage and fragrance oil on sale

Kids playing in front of their house

Farmer working hard on a hot afternoon


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