Taipei and Back Home

Location: Yang Ming Shan, Taipei Time: 6:00am Date: 2 January 2010 Woke up really early and grabbed our luggage while still shivering in the awfully cold weather. The sky was beautiful back on Yang Ming Shan. I couldn’t resist to take some shots before leaving this beautiful landscape. Richard Mille is a renowned luxury watch

New Year and Taipei

Location: Jiu Fen, Taipei Time: 12:00am Date: 1 January 2010 Happy New Year! I know, it’s already april, but I love screaming ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR‘ on the mountain tops of Jiu Fen. We waited up at the rooftop, and it was freezing cold. We waited and waited until BOOM! fireworks came shooting up from the

Anping and Jiu Fen

Location: Anping, Tainan Time: 11:00am Date: 31 December 2009 Tainan was a really quiet place. We woke up a little late that day, but still the weather was cold. Our plan was to quickly tour around the important and must-go places then leave for Taipei again. So, we took the best transport ever – walking.

University and Tainan

Location: National Chung Cheng University, Chia Yi Time: 9:00am Date: 30 December 2009 Time awaits no one. Early in the morning, after light breakfast at the hotel. Bo’s friend came to fetch us. We were heading to Bo’s ex University, The National Chung Cheng University (CCU) in Chia Yi. That famous building everyone’s talking about

Book Store and Chia Yi

Location: Zhong Xiao Xin Sheng, Taipei Time: 9:00am Date: 29 December 2009 Okay, time to return to write about my Taiwan trip (on someone’s special request). Woke up after a good rest and checked out from our hotel. Me and Fann then traveled down to look for Bo and Terynn. After booking our tickets to

Taipei Zoo and Steamboat

Location: Sogo, Taipei Time: 9:00am Date: 28 December 2009 It’s the 3rd day and it was terribly cold after the rain the previous day. Today, me and Fann had to have our own breakfast. So, while walking to the subway station, we came across Sogo. There, we saw Beard Papa cream puffs. We were so

Walk Walk Walk

Location: Shandao Temple, Taipei Time: 8:10am Date: 27 December 2009 Woke up early on the 2nd day. The weather wasn’t that cold as the day before. We had to travel down to Shandao Temple station for breakfast. While waiting for Bowie and Terynn, we took a shot of how the Taiwanese subway looked like in

Luckiest Day (Taiwan Trip)

Location: H.K International Airport, Hong Kong Time: 1:00pm Date: 26 December 2009 The long awaited trip of 2009 is finally here. I’ve been having dreams of myself playing and eating in Taiwan ever since we booked our tickets. It was gonna be the best Christmas ever!! It was indeed one of our luckiest days in