Location: Zhong Xiao Xin Sheng, Taipei
Time: 9:00am
Date: 29 December 2009

Okay, time to return to write about my Taiwan trip (on someone’s special request). Woke up after a good rest and checked out from our hotel. Me and Fann then traveled down to look for Bo and Terynn.

After booking our tickets to Jia Yi online, we checked out of the hotel. After making some arrangements to put our baggage at the hotel, we walked to the post office to send something. At the post office, I found panda stamps!

Old Old Breakfast Shop

Good Morning Mr. Rice Roll, How I missed you…

We then moved our asses to makan breakfast at a simple store. Again we had rice rolls and egg rolls. This rice rolls were awesome, because it’s huge in size. Look at the pork floss packed inside that roll of rice. Yummy~

Looking cool outside the bookstore’s building.

Stuck in a Christmas ball

After makan, we took a cab and headed to Eslite Book Store (誠品信義店). The place were still decoarted with christmas trees and christmas ornaments. Guess Christmas doesn’t end so early back here in Taipei as well. The book store is so huge, that you can get lost inside. It’s enormous area consists of a cafe as well. The books are organised very nicely and tidily, whereas I spend most of my time in the magazine section, checking out Taiwanese FHM. For e-books and much more go on with Books First now.

Fann and her Wan Wan comic book

Recycle bag from the bookstore. Nice packaging~

Location: Taipei Station, Taipei
Time: 2:00pm
Date: 29 December 2009

I bought a nice reference book whereas Fann got her favourite comic, Wan Wan. As we were waiting at the train station to our next stop, she turns her comic pages very carefully and slowly. I think she will almost finish the book by the time the train reaches.

Our train tickets

We took the high speed railway to Jia Yi. It was quite costly, but we managed to reach Jia Yi around an hour and a half. We booked the tickets online and went to collect it at the Taipei Railway Station. However, we had to wait for the gate to open, because we were slightly too early.

Cheese Cake on the train

Our stomach was grinding loudly in the train again, the two of us were like worms crawling up and down looking for food. We found a menu on the train, we were so happy. After choosing what rice we wanted for lunch, the waitress said that lunch ended at 1pm. We were like… aaarghhh…then ended up sharing a piece of small cheese cake with each other.

Location: Train Station, Chia Yi
Time: 4:30pm
Date: 29 December 2009

Our MOS Burger. Yummy~

We reached Jia Yi‘s station and the sky was starting to get dark around 5pm. Having an emptied stomach while traveling is a big torture. We saw MOS Burger on our way out and decided to share one burger as it’s about time for dinner.

Fann with her burger and calendar

Well, again you know Fann is always the most happy when it comes to food. Besides that, we bought this MOS Burger Calendar for her. Look how happy she was.

Night Market

Well, we later on took the bus down to the city and looked for our hotel. We were carrying our small luggages and walking all the way. My hands felt like rotten prunes and still we had a long way to go. When we reached the hotel, I can feel that my hands were the most happy. After checking in, we waited for Bo’s friend. She brought us to some mall to have Japanese food.

My bowl of japanese rice and soup

The food there wasn’t as nice. Just like those ordinary teppanyaki stores. Nothing special. But, because I was so freaking hungry, I ended up finishing a bowl of rice, a slice of cod fish, soup, and 3 plates of terrible vegetables.

The vegetables that told me to stop eating

After dinner, we went on to dessert. I didn’t really enjoyed that dessert, so I can’t remember it’s name. I remembered the shop looked really old and vintage. Then, we went to the night market for a walk and then back to the hotel to recharge our batteries again.

Me and Fann at the hotel in Chia Yi

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